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Born the son of a great carpenter, Nicholas and mother Maria, His father was always a creative person designing his own furniture frames, tables and everyday use items, while his mother gave him his first drawing and painting lessons.  His brother and sisters also have a great deal of creativity, especially his sister who is an architect. She looked after him in the early years, teaching him about drawing, painting and the sense of colors.  He spent a great deal of time surrounded by her and his friends, who were students of architecture, and then after she graduated as a professional architect with her husband.

The endless influences in these early years left him an unforgettable desire to create new designs and express himself by painting and drawing.  He has been painting still lifes, portraits, and landscapes.  He lives with his partner Ewa a Registered Nurse, who is not only his wife but a friend to him in good day and in bad days.  She has influenced his entire life and after being together for more then a quarter century, she continues to be a major influence in his life.  He has three children Luke, Michelle, and Nicole, who keep him busy and make him happy. His daughter Michelle studies Fine Art-Painting and Drawing (U OCAD Graduated in 2011 with Honors) and Art History in the University of Toronto in Ontario. All the children also have a major influence on his creativity.

Following in his family’s footsteps he attended the Art and Design School; Academy of Fine Arts Gdansk, Poland.  He spent six intensive years where he studied,  painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic art, graphic design, art history, industrial design etc.

He left Poland due to economic reasons and traveled for a while, experiencing Scandinavia, Iceland, France, Germany and finally his beautiful Italy.  He spent an amazing time in Rome learning new techniques and became a richer person for the experience.  He finally left Italy to come to the New World.  In the late 1980’s he came to Canada, the land of endless opportunities and settled in the nations capital of Ottawa.

His first real job in Canada was as a Graphic Artist for a local sign company as a sign designer.  He left Ottawa, the capital of Canada to move to the Toronto area and found a job a week after arriving designing portable buildings for banks and major gasoline companies.  Unfortunately the recession in the early 1990’s forced the company to close down its business.  After a few years of working as a freelance designer/artist and making a living selling his art his luck changed again, as he crossed paths with people who were building machinery.  He very quickly became a part of the design innovation team.  He remains working there designing and engineering the machines as well as occasionally coming up with new innovative ideas.  He has never given up his passion for painting and drawing. He could not make the decision to choose between art and design and finally decided to continue on doing both.

Recently his paintings have dealt with the world of industry, borrowing colour from the natural world.  It has been an examination of industrial work and place and what the shapes that we leave behind will say about the way we were.  Lately, nature has crept into the narrative of his compositions and structures are overtaken by different forms.

After more than thirty five years of creativity he has realized that it is an absurd to paint and draw realistic portraits or landscapes as they can be captured using new technology such as photographs that can made to the size you wish and framed and hung on the wall but he is still doing when asked.  He has realized that a painting or drawing should have some comfort for those who are looking at it.  You should be able to sit back, relax and imagine yourself in a different world with beautiful scenery.  This should be an experience that can be shared with you by the people you love and should make you a more relaxed and nicer person, as you and everyone around you gains by looking at a painting or drawing.

My paintings can now be found for sale in the Toronto Area, and are collected throughout Canada, USA, Europe and Internationally.  Visit www.mirekbialy.com for more information.

Abstract Art Work is the type of art what I like the most.

Oil and acrylic Abstract Art Work, Portraits by ink or pencil for sale on online gallery directly from the artist. Portraits can be requested by e-mail from the existing pictures at your convenience

Mirek Bialy is a self-representing abstract artist and designer. Sometimes he is still doing portraits, still lives and other paintings besides abstract.






Abstract Painting 2013 from the series “Candy Horse on the stick” Oil Sticks Painting on Canvas, Online Art Gallery


Abstract Painting 2013 “Abstract # 1” Oil Painting on Canvas, Online Art Gallery


Abstract Painting 2013 “Abstract # 2” Oil Painting on Canvas, Online Art Gallery


Abstract Painting 2012 from the “Candy” series Oil Sticks Painting on Canvas, Online Art Gallery




Available, Contact the artist 40 x 34 On the beach Acrylic on Canvas

Abstract Painting 2009 On the Beach Acrylic Painting on Canvas, Online Art Gallery

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