Abstract Art Work is the type of art what he likes the most.

Oil and acrylic Abstract Art Work, Portraits by ink or pencil for sale on online gallery directly from the artist. Portraits can be requested by e-mail from the existing pictures at your convenience

Mirek Bialy is a self-representing abstract artist and designer. Sometimes he is still doing portraits, still lives and other paintings besides abstract.

Abstract Art My work is intuitive. I use form, shape, texture and colour to express my emotions. For many years I experimented with a number of different styles, including portraits, still lives, abstract paintings, landscapes and symbolic paintings. Now, I am committed to abstract expressionism. Influenced by many great artists such as Michael Goldberg, Marc Rothko, and Paul Klee. All of these artists have influenced me as an artist and designer. I create texture by using both oils and acrylics applied to the canvas by different kinds of tools including scrapers, brushes, found objects and even my hands. Basically whatever I feel will give me the result I’m looking for at the time in any piece. What I enjoy most about painting is when it can give the person(s) looking at it different emotions, a sort of comfort for the viewer, regardless of what emotion that may be. I especially enjoy the fact that in today’s busy technology centered world, people can still come home and enjoy the simple things in life. I hope that my painting will give that sort of comfort for people. By looking at my paintings people can relax, they can bring a sense of imagination to the viewer that’s very personally to each individual. The emotions that come through my paintings, come from deep inside and I show that through my paintings. Through colour, forms, shapes and textures I hope that the viewer can interpret what he or she wishes through my paintings.


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