All About Re-Stretching a Rolled Up Canvas

Re-stretching a Rolled Up Canvas

Artists are always looking for new ways to present their artwork to the world. Abstract paintings are great works of art. Abstract Art also comes in many mediums, many times displayed on a canvas. Lots of times, artists eventually move on to working on larger canvases, as this allows for a great range in freedom of movement and expression. A large painting, however, can be difficult to move when it is on a wooden stretcher, and many times will require the stretchers to be removed and the large painting itself to be rolled up. This can present some problems because the rolled fabric tends to contract.

Initially stretching canvases is a fairly simple process. Water does an excellent job of letting the fibers stretch without breaking. After applying a good amount of water, it would be best to use a sponge so as to keep the material from being overly saturated with water. Then the canvas will generally be stretched over the wooden stretchers, and when it is dry, it will be perfect for dry brush and wet brush techniques. The stretched material will allow for smooth applications of paint and mediums for the masterpiece that is about to unfold.

Abstract Paintings and Abstract Art in general are definitely interesting art forms. In a sense, they are always constantly being worked and re-worked. When initially finished, they may be rolled up, either put to later use in a gallery or studio, sold to a bidding contractor, or simply painted over again if the artist feels that it is not the great masterpiece it can possibly be yet. Again, because the rolling process makes the fibers contract, it would be good to know how to re-stretch a canvas that has been rolled up.

Water is an artist’s best friend when taking on this task. It can be applied on the fabric behind the painting itself. However, the process is a bit more meticulous, as too much water will wear the painting down. Too little water will make the fibers tear, compromising the work at hand. With a sponge, a good amount of water, and a great artist’s eye, re-stretching canvases to be placed on a new stretcher can be a very easy process with tremendously great results.

An artist’s work is never done. This is even more relevant for abstract artists. Knowing how to re-stretch canvases can save time and money.


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