All about Choosing the Right Abstract Art for Home Decoration

Choosing the Right Abstract Art for Home Decoration

Art is broadly categorized into two types; representational art and abstract art. Many people prefer abstract art in their homes because it can appear to look like different things, depending on the mood of the viewer. This is much different than representational art, where the painting or sculpture is about a specific person, place or moment in time. You can find out a lot from your guests by what images they see in an abstract painting or sculpture. Only buy what you honestly like, not what you think will go up in value over the years. After all, you are the one who has to look at it every day.
Look at the Price
Since original abstract art is too expensive for the average home owner, getting prints of abstract paintings or replicas of abstract mobiles or sculptures is a much more economical solution. You can also frequent sidewalk sales or street artists, which often have quality original pieces for sale at inexpensive prices.
Prints can be sold with or without frames. It is recommended to frame abstract painting prints before displaying as the frame and the glass helps protect the piece. Small replicas of sculptures or mobiles can often be purchased at a museum gift shop or online store. If you like to frequent a particular museum, become a member. This will not only support the arts in your area but gives you a discount at the gift store.

Finally the economically best way to get the original abstract art is from the artists who sells their art through their own websites or from large art websites such as

 Look at Color Scheme
One quick way to choose abstract art for home decoration is to see if the piece contains any colors already up in the home. If a room is to be completely redecorated, the piece can be used to help choose a new color scheme. If a room is already decorated, a print can still fit in the room if it has colors that match the overall color scheme.
When in doubt, pick a black and white piece because black and white goes with just about any color. Even then, there are many shades of black and white pieces. Some are mostly shades of gray while others have bright, sharp contrasts in pure black or white. The added advantage of getting a black and white piece is that if the piece does not look right in one room, it can be easily moved to another room.
Look at Overall Shapes
Some popular prints from the giants of Abstract Expressionism like Jackson Pollack or Mark Rothko seems at first to be shapeless. Once you look at the painting for a while, you will begin to see basic geometrical shapes like circles, squares and triangles. These shapes can be used to match an already decorated room that features the same shapes or a room can be redecorated based on the shapes in the abstract piece.Some shapes and how they are presented on the canvas can’t help but elicit certain emotional responses from you, the viewer. Shapes painted in a misty way tend to be calming, while shapes in bright colors and lots of splattering tend to wake you up. You do not want to put the latter type of painting in a bedroom or any place where you want to completely relax. It would do better in a living room or home office.



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