The Value of Abstract Art

Abstract Paintings tend to keep its price and will increase over time.

The Value of Abstract Art

Abstract Expressionism is a form of contemporary art that entered the art world around the 20th century.  Up through the middle to end of the 19th century, most art represented real life and was based on a logical perspective.  Then, the world started changing through advances in science, technology and government and contemporary art followed suit. Romanticism, Impressionism and Expressionism most contributed to the Abstract Expressionism movement, and abstract art has roots in each of these movements. During the late 19th century, patronage from the church to artists also shifted drastically into private patronage.  Therefore, artists were able to stray from the traditional art forms and explore this more contemporary art form.


Abstract Expressionism uses its own language of color, lines and free form shapes.  When contemporary art first came about, it confused and offended many people.  But today, it is incredibly popular as more and more people are using abstract art to decorate their modern homes and office spaces.  Therefore, let’s explore more about why abstract paintings and other forms of contemporary art are very likely either increase or retain their value over time.

There are varying levels of Abstract Expressionism.  The departure from reality illustrated in this abstract art can either be slight, such as a slightly modified shape or different color scheme in a painting of a something ordinary.  It can be moderate, with something ordinary represented in abstract art in a completely exaggerated or understated way, resulting in a conspicuous departure from the norm.  Or, it can be completely abstract, where shapes and colors and forms in Abstract Expressionism are completely unrecognizable as anything ordinary.

The reason for these varying levels of abstract art is thanks to the many sources from which the artwork is derived.  Abstract ideas between artists of major European and American cities had thrived and crossed paths with books, written works and other forms of media to create the basis of diversity in abstract works.

There are many applications in the modern world of abstract paintings and other contemporary art pieces.  Although Abstract Expressionism used to garner a great amount of of political controversy, it is now considered to be one of the most generic, soothing abstract art forms.  Abstract paintings are everywhere in our society, from hotel lobbies to medical offices to schools. This is a big reason that the value of abstract paintings and other contemporary art forms either stays the same or increases.  So many people can enjoy the beauty of Abstract Expressionism without perhaps fully understanding the meaning of it.

Since abstract paintings often utilize bold surfaces, shapes and colors, Abstract Expressionism art goes great with modern, minimalist decor.  Imagine a room painted white and filled with silver and black furniture.  The natural choice for wall art is abstract paintings that feature eye-catching shapes and dynamic color palettes.  Often times, abstract paintings are emotionally charged and invoke the viewer to feel intensely upon seeing them for the first time.

Another reason that abstract visual art retains and increases its value over time is that our senses respond to the stimuli created more.  This idea was put forth by artist Charles Baudelaire originally.  Abstract paintings are almost like music, in that they connect to senses on a deeper level than other art forms. Some abstract works of art, like those by Picasso, are even said to transcend time and space and put the viewer on a spiritual level not able to be achieved with more traditional art modes.  The many mathematical elements in abstract works of art, from shapes like the square, triangle and circle, accomplish the universal look and feel of this art form, giving it timeless quality and value.  Many paintings with these geometric shapes have been known to increase in value over time.

Another reason for the popularity and value of abstract art and contemporary art, besides the aesthetic pleasure given by abstract paintings, is seeded in history throughout the early 20th century.  The German Bauhaus at Weimar was founded in 1919 and by 1925 the school was moved to Dessau.  The Nazi party gained control of the government in 1932 and closed the renowned Bauhaus. By 1937, an exodus of all the contemporary art and abstract paintings housed there began.  The art was taken to Paris, London and America and has incredible value today for the political history it contains.  Some of these pieces of art are worth incredibly large amounts of money in this day and age, a good example of abstract works that have increased their value.

In conclusion, the value of abstract art will only continue to grow for the most part over time, thanks to its controversial beginnings, deep connection to history and aesthetic quality.  Abstract art is everywhere these days, and Abstract Expressionism is perhaps one of the most important and meaningful art movements of our time.



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